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The SoilDx Dashboard is a Web-based tool that allows you to operate your SoilDx hardware. The FertiSaver-N hardware connects to a Google Chrome browser over USB. You open up a web browser and log in to the Dashboardwith your username and password.

The SoilDx Dashboard page provides the following statistics at a glance:

  • A summary of how many tests you have recently completed
  • Test consumable supply levels
  • Calibration status and reminders when your hardware calibration is out of date
  • Operate the test hardware 

FertiSaver-N operation instructions

Filling samples

To fill samples, you will need your soil samples, dried and milled through a 2 mm sieve, clean jars, digestion and trap reagents, and the Filling Station connected to the computer.
  1. Navigate to the

As a Dashboard administrator, in addition you will also be able to:

  • Add unlimited User accounts to your soil testing operation so they can each have their own login on the system
  • Delegate specific responsibilities to your Users - for instance controlling permission on who can access test data, and who can reorder supplies, and which hardware the Users can operate. 
  • Use a simple API to connect the Dashboard to your GIS-based soil sampling platform
  • Create test reports for soil samples and export them directly to Excel, Google Spreadsheets or PDF reports
  • View and pay invoices from Soil Diagnostics Inc
  • Reorder supplies for test consumables


SoilDx Dashboard is available now. 


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